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We’re constantly in the middle of the journals v digital debate when it comes to planning client campaigns.  High on the list of questions to agree are: “will the audience trust our content?”; “can we prove the effectiveness of the trade journals?” and “where should we direct the budget?”.

So we thought it would be a great idea to bring together representatives from both sides of the self-publishing v independent journalism debate and let them argue it out in front of an audience.

Staged as a Question Time style event, we titled it Independence, Trust and Modern Media and included Jonathan Stock, Publishing Director of Architecture Today, Martin Hilditch, Managing Editor of Inside Housing, Lee Wilcox, CEO of On The Tools and PropTech guru Antony Slumbers to cross swords.

Our brave panellists faced an audience of fifty construction-focussed marketers, all keen to find out more and many equally keen to grill our speakers.

It was an excellent, thought-provoking evening with discussion continuing to an advanced hour in the bar.  We would love to repeat the exercise and focus discussion on some of the most contentious subjects raised during the evening, so watch our social media feeds for news of upcoming events.

In the meantime, we have a podcast that contains the highlights of the evening’s chat.  

Download and listen here


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