Facebook Live – who gives a Zuck?


Back in April 2016 Facebook launched Facebook Live, but does this style of video work better when it’s, well: not live?

Facebook Live was a game-changer: a live video streaming service that anyone can access, anywhere, at any time.   

There is no need to do anything special - simply follow the page and it pops up on your feed. However it’s not until recently that it has really started to take off.

According to Vimeo, the online video sharing giant, 78% of online audiences are watching Facebook Live video in 2018.

An impressive statistic, but it’s not just any old video – 90% of that audience also said quality was the most important factor.

As with most video projects you can spend as much as you like on the production – but we’re getting great results with simple, straightforward and low cost video content.  If you’re trying it for the first time, here are our essentials:

3 top tips for live content

  1. Keep it steady - If you’re streaming live in one static location, make sure you have a stand or a small tripod for your phone or device. Holding it the whole time will lead to shaky viewing once your arm begins to ache.

  2. Use a mic - If your broadcast is focused on people speaking, make sure you have an independent microphone for them to use; the mic on your device may not suffice. We suggest a lapel mic, or an on-camera microphone. Bad quality audio is a fast way to lose your viewers. 

  3. Be descriptive - Your followers will get a notification when you go live, so make sure they know what’s going on. Give a brief, punchy description to draw your followers in and also make sure you encourage them to get involved by commenting and liking throughout. 

Don’t be dispirited if your live audience is not huge – despite its name, we find that the audience figures build over time.

Recently we hosted a Facebook Live broadcast with one of our clients to update their niche audience on important changes to industry regulations. Viewer figures at the time were modest, but we hit our targets in the days after the broadcast, ending up with an impressive 21,000 people viewing the content.

The success of this broadcast  was down to three essentials: it was relevant, engaging and timely – emerging at a point when our audience was actively seeking extra information on this topic.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get busy Live’ing! 


Sam Hiner
Account Director

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