5 Top tips for brilliant blogging


Writing the perfect blog doesn't always come easily, especially in an industry as niche as construction PR. There are so many different areas that fall under the same umbrella and writing something that everyone will want to read can seem impossible. Here are some of our top tips for blogging

  • Write for your audience - Writing a blog that your audience doesn't want to read is a waste and it won't have any sort of impact. The people that are looking at your website are there for a particular reason and understanding what that reason is will help you to target your efforts with much more accuracy.
  • Word count - people don't want to read something that takes 2000 words to get to the point. As an absolute maximum, try to keep within 500 words, any more than that will put potential readers off and you will lose traction.
  • Great headlines - as with all things digital, your blog has to stand out in a sea of content and scream 'read me' louder than anyone else's. A boring title won't win you any clicks and will render your beautifully written article useless. If you are going to take the time to write something that you believe needs to be read, don't let it down with a dull name!
  • Create a style that is unique to you - Mark Twain may think there is no such thing as a new idea, but that doesn't mean that they can't be articulated in new and exciting ways. Personality is the one thing that will always differentiate one person from the next and it is what will make someone read your content over another person's.
  • Frequency - blogging on a regular basis is important but don't set a pace that you can't maintain. In an ideal world there would be fresh content every day, in the real world however, this is usually unrealistic. Try to add something at least once a week - this should be enough to keep your website on top of the search engine and will show potential customers that you are consistent. 

So there you have it - our top 5 tips for blogging!

Keon Dadgostar