Bringing social in house

orpington brett landscaping

At Ridgemount we’re big believers in social media and have some amazing results to prove our case.  The biggest challenge is often to find a constant stream of new subjects to discuss.

This is where the sales teams come in. They’re the ones with their fingers on the pulse of the day-to-day activity of the company. They know the recent projects, the news and they really understand what their customers are interested in.

Getting their help is critical.

With new client Brett Landscaping we were faced with a sales team with a distinctly mixed level of enthusiasm for digital communications.

So we took our case to them.  In a series of “social surgeries” we met with small teams to show them how social media can work for their customer base, demonstrating the success we have achieved with other manufacturers and outlining how it can contribute to their sales role.

We showed them the different channels, provided guidelines for use and gave a bit of on-the-spot technical advice as well.

Most importantly, we set up a WhatsApp Group.  Monitored and administered by the Ridgemount team (we have individual phones for each client account) we encourage the team to share news, views and photographs.

It took a little while to get up and running, but now we have a chatty, lively and engaged group of people talking about contracts, sharing photographs, consulting and generally communicating every day.

For us at Ridgemount this has finally solved the problem of finding case studies. The group also alerts us immediately to news that we might otherwise never hear about.  The additional benefit is significantly improved communication throughout the sales team who don’t necessarily meet that often.

Posted by Anna Hern