Greater than the sum of the parts

Do you know any agency that’s amazing at absolutely everything?  Honestly?  No, neither do we. That’s why we prefer to focus on our key strengths and collaborate like crazy when we’re delivering a multi-discipline campaign.

Ridgemount client Knauf wanted to draw attention to the range of products on offer: it is not just plasterboard!  The campaign team decided on a high-impact three-month campaign to remind the industry of its diverse product offer.

Knauf didn’t ask just one agency to consider the proposition – it asked three. Creative concepts were masterminded by ifour, online advertising was handled by threepipe and Ridgemount looked after the social media and print advertising aspects.

“Are you missing something” combined outstandingly impactful print advertising with a series of animations, videos and dynamic treatments for online channels.

With three agencies in the mix, collective working was essential.  Weekly conference calls kept everyone up to date while some great online tools allowed for daily updates and constant monitoring of way points and deadlines.  

Despite the number of people involved, the entire programme ran without a hitch – a series of great creative treatments were spread across print, online and social channels, driving traffic back to a dedicated microsite.  With a clear call to action it was possible to test different channels and compare the effectiveness of each.

Not just a great advertising campaign in itself, results from the “Are you missing something” programme provided great evidence to support planning for future campaigns.

And from our perspective?  We love collaborative projects – it’s fantastic to work with other agencies who have different areas of expertise.  Quite a lot of them are nice people too!

The icing on the cake for this lovely project was to win the Best Use of Advertising category in the Construction Marketing Awards 2017.


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