Finally, in conclusion, let me say just this.

Peter Sellers

Charlie Webb

Journalist, events expert, cheerful chap

Another trained journalist who has seen the light, Charlie joins us with a background  in corporate marketing events. 

In this high-pressure environment, his ability to rustle up a fully organised conference pretty much anywhere in the world is testimony to a get-up-and go attitude of staggering proportions and an impressive ability to remain calm in the face of disappearing suppliers, IT disasters and travel chaos.

Madly passionate about music, with an extensive record collection ranging from Miles Davis to Mobb Deep - Charlie is the best person to have on your team at a pub quiz, and is now resident office Spotify DJ.

Charlie is excited to begin his next chapter in Public Relations and we look forward to watching him become a successful PR pro. 

  • Pet hate

    Not all binmen, just my binmen.

  • Passionate about

    Golden era hip-hop

  • Favourite PR campaign

    Jehst is my postman

  • Most annoying habit

    Pen top chewing