Facebook algorithms

Back in the days when Facebook was just starting out, a company could set up a page and have immediate access to all the people they wanted to reach. They could post content daily and grow an audience simply by posting interesting information regularly.

Fast forward a couple of years and those smart people at Facebook realised that they were sitting on a goldmine. They had all of this curated data on people all over the world; what they like, where they live, how old they are: the list is endless and, best of all, people were giving them this information for free.

Enter Facebook for Business...

Suddenly all of these companies that had been strolling along and building up a huge following were only able to reach percentage of their audience organically. If they wanted more of their content to be seen by a wider audience, in the majority of cases they were going to have to pay for it.

The algorithms that determine what content a person sees have changed dramatically. For the majority of business pages on Facebook, whether they have a high number of likes or not, only 16% of the people following the page will see what is posted unless it is backed with money.

A lot of people were understandably unhappy about the change and it meant a major rethink in digital marketing strategy. The need for good content is stronger than ever and ensuring that everything that is posted is both compelling and interesting is paramount.

There are exceptions to the 16% rule. Facebook says that the average user has around 1500 potential posts they could see on any given day - far more than even the most dedicated social media enthusiast could ever hope to see. The whittling down process is essentially based on each individual user's tastes, every like, comment and click a person makes directly changes what they will view the next time they log in.Automated software serves the content that the user is most likely to engage with.

This can be anything from trending topics to the posts that friends have liked or engaged with. 

The only way for a brand to be heard in this space is by reacting to what is trending at the time and posting about it. This isn't always possible as the news doesn't always align with what is relevant to you brand, and that's where sponsored posts come in. 

With a sector as niche as the construction industry, sponsored posts are hugely effective way to get your content seen by the right people. Facebook has so much information on its users that very precise targeting is possible, and response rates are impressive. Good content, placed in front of the right audience, boosts your Facebook presence and produces immediate and totally measurable results.

If you want the evidence, ask us about some of the Facebook campaigns we have been running.You may be surprised by the results - to be honest, we were.

Posted by Kate Sugarman