H+H: Working an Idea

All marketers know that full integration across all channels is the holy grail when it comes to developing a new campaign. Whether it is a product launch, a brand awareness exercise or a campaign aimed at increasing website traffic, integration is key to maximising the levels of success.

But how easy is this to achieve?

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Well, actually it isn't that easy. Marketing teams are continually facing challenges that impact on their campaigns - with reduced budgets and decreasing team sizes being two of the most pressing. We need to be creative and find ways to capitalise on the growing impact of social media alongside more traditional advertising, editorial and direct contact opportunities.

Meet Benny: H+H’s beanie-wearing builder.

H+H’s beanie hats campaign began as a simple give-away for site workers, but has mushroomed over three years to include just about every option in the marketing mix.

We began cautiously with social media, trialling a #wheresbeaniebeen campaign on the @celconblocks twitter feed. We invited people to take photographs of themselves wearing an H+H beanie in random locations and to tweet them using #wheresbeaniebeen. Winning pictures were awarded a prize.

Encouraged by a positive response, we decided to extend the concept. Benny moved from the screen to the page and was brought to life in Professional Builder with a Where's Wally style competition. Builders responded in their hundreds.  At the same time, we brought Benny in-store, creating life-size Bennys for one of H+H merchant customers – a perfect opportunity for some selfie-action.


In year three, Benny went international with a multi-channel campaign competition inviting entrants to identify the city in Benny’s holiday snaps.  This time we went large with the competition promoted over several months in Professional Builder with a dedicated mirco site for entries and promotions run across Twitter and Facebook, allowing us to compare the response rates from the different channels. 

And throughout all Benny’s endeavours we have continued to promote the beanie give-away through H+Hs amazingly successful Facebook feed.  We want H+H beanies on as many building sites as possible – and having given away over 5,000 we have covered a lot of ground.

After three years, we think it’s time for Benny to take a well-earned rest, but thank him for the database we now have of  independent building contractors as well as the raised brand awareness of H+H’s aircrete offer.

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