Reaching Out To House Buyers

House building may be buoyant at the moment, but house buyers are thin on the ground in our patch of South East England. We’re working with a regional house builder right now proving that those elusive buyers can be found with the right digital marketing approach.

It has puzzled us for some time that estate agents seem to be slow in actually going out and grabbing new buyers so we really wanted to find out if it is possible to attract the right attention for new houses using digital marketing.

We were lucky enough to find a house builder who was equally curious and have delivered a three-month social media programme that has proved the effectiveness of our content-led approach in spades.

Sandelwood-Grange-Develepment-Hi Res-010.jpg

Creating a series of informative, interesting blogs about the location of the development, the quality of the houses, the appeal of local schools, the easy commute and the family lifestyle we have built and nurtured an audience of potential buyers in the lead up to the launch of our development in Kent.

Expertly targeted social media promotions have delivered over 50,000 new visitors to the builder’s website to see the range of new developments on offer. Most importantly, 300 potential buyers have registered their active interest. 

brookworth ad.PNG

Our attention has been closely focused on the development of nine family homes and we were over the moon to report that over half of the appointments made to visit the show home at its launch were a direct result of the social media programme with the first reservation, taken during the launch week, also brought to the site from our campaign.

Not surprisingly, we are continuing our campaign over the summer as the rest of the development reaches completion and also following with huge interest the spin-off benefits to the other developments completed by this high quality regional house builder.

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When the market you’re in is dominated by a huge player multiple times your size, you need to be different to make an impact.