Kate graduates again

Kate Sugarman, our social media expert, has recently emerged from six months of studying Digital Marketing as a Squared Online Graduate 

This comprehensive course, designed and run by Google, covers the theory and practice of digital marketing, covering emerging channels and techniques enabling trainees to understand the complex task of creating a consistent online brand. 

Squared Online is - unsurprisingly - run remotely with each study group including individuals from around the globe. Different time zones are an issue and students need dedication to join online seminars and collaborative working that can be at strange times of the day (or night). The involvement of marketing professionals from diverse professional lives is one of the benefits of the course. 

While we all use digital channels and social media platforms every day, it is the breadth of vision and the sheer range of possibilities outlined in the course that will benefit our clients. While Ridgemount has happily capitalised on the outcomes of each module, Kate is currently working on further developing the online strategies for both Ridgemount and its clients.

It is no mean feat to complete such an intense course of study while also doing "the day job" and we are delighted that Kate has successfully completed the course, which culminated in a white paper: The Ongoing Revolution of Digital. 

If you ask her very nicely, she might let you see a copy.

Posted by Anna Hern