Knauf: Summer of Sport Campaign

When were asked to come up with a summer campaign to increase engagement on Knauf's newly established Facebook page, we couldn't wait to try out some video content.


Knauf wanted to connect to its core audience of contractors which is why we opted to line it up with the three major sporting events of the summer; Euros, Wimbledon and The Olympics. Entitled the Knauf Summer of Sport, we produced 6 videos that showed off the best of Knauf's product range and introduced the competition element of the campaign.

With a light-hearted and easy-to-follow script, we were able to deliver a strong and clear brand message whilst being both educational and informative. The  newly designed character maintained a consistent and strong brand message throughout the summer.

knauf fb.PNG

The videos were released with a call to action for viewers to win a prize. In this case it was to 'Like, Comment and Share' the video. With a host of prizes to give away, including FitBit's, 40" televisions and special edition Knauf balls, we had hundreds of entries within days.

To ensure we were reaching as wide and diverse an audience as possible, each of the videos was targeted at a specific audience.  The groups were defined based on the product that was being featured and the age, job, interests of the person.


The campaign was a resounding success. With the growing importance placed on video content in the online world, it is fast becoming the primary method for brands to get their message/product in front of the right people.

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