In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

George Orwell

Marian Craig

Content writer, researcher and general problem-solver

With a degree in politics and some keen activism behind her, Marian is bringing a touch of campaigning zeal to our B2B accounts.

Marian’s research-led and forensic writing style owes much to a habit of accuracy acquired while working in the Scottish parliament.  She also subscribes to the view that pictures are just as important as words, backing this hunch up by studying photography in her spare time.

A keen advocate of social media as well as more traditional press relations, Marian’s personal Instagram account currently outpaces most of those run by Ridgemount.

Normal sized people will be pleased to hear that Marian has lowered the average height of the Ridgemount team by several feet and a softly spoken phone voice belies a dogged persistence that is bringing some of our most recalcitrant stories to publication.

  • Pet hate

    People who use the Tube incorrectly

  • Passionate about

    Dogs, gin, trains

  • Favourite PR campaign

    #LikeAGirl by Always

  • Most annoying habit

    The ability to eat anything, in any quantity, without getting any larger