Our digital marketing package

The possibilities around digital marketing are huge and the potential benefits are equally persuasive for businesses of all sizes.

We run digital marketing programmes for many of our PR clients, but we realise that many companies do not feel they need to outsource their ongoing campaigns.

We are therefore happy to offer a digital marketing package. For an agreed project fee we will: evaluate your business and recommend the best channels to use. We will review the SEO of your website to improve your visibility on search engines. We will agree with you the social media channels you want to use and get you up and running.

We will show you how to use the promotional tools available and set up advertising accounts for you where necessary. We will run at least the first two promotions for you to evaluate their effectiveness and leave you with the knowledge to develop your own strategy later.

It's a pick-and-mix service where we work with you to design the package that best suits your business.

Interested? Give us a call.......

Posted by Anna Hern