Print v online - new construction sector research

The Construction Media Index, sponsored by Ridgemount PR, has polled some 500 people working in the sector to find out how they find their information. 

Traditional media are holding up well, with 96% still reading industry trade journals - although of those, over third choose to read the online rather than the printed version. A note for the future: it's a much higher percentage in the 19-35 age group. 

Blogs are getting more popular and if you want to get to those readers, your best bet is to send out an e-newsletter at lunchtime, no particular surprise to see evidence of the rising influence of social media. 

The majority of respondents admit to using social media channels for work (and only 10% of respondents don't use social media at all), with Twitter the most popular channel for news. 

LinkedIn, cleaning up on networking (an unsurprising 83% of social media enthusiasts use LinkedIn for this purpose) is also popular for news and information. 

Pinterest only really features as a significant resource for architects while You Tube goes down well amongst contractors. 

There are findings to cheer the heart of traditionalists - we do still like to talk to real people. Over 90% of respondents will phone a manufacturer to find out about products and will arrange a meeting to find out more detailed technical information while a similar percentage of architect respondents have attended a technical seminar in the last twelve months. 

Manufacturers are the No1 source for product information with just about everyone going to manufacturer websites for product and technical information. 

The report contains a wealth of detail on how real people working in the construction sector are using different information sources. This is invaluable data for Ridgemount, helping us to give the best advice to our clients and informing the campaigns we propose.

We realise that construction is a broad discipline, so the results are listed individually for different audience groups - including contractors, housebuilders, engineers, architects and merchants. 

Want to find out more? We would be delighted to arrange a presentation of the full findings of the research, or to provide a summary of the top-line results. Full copies of the research documents are also available - email for more information. 

Posted by Anna Hern