Sir Isaac Newton

Richard Pascoe

Creative Consultant

Richard joined the Ridgemount team to help us manage our creative projects. We don’t pretend to implement every aspect of a marketing campaign in-house and Richard provides support when we are managing advertising or design-based campaigns. 

With decades of experience as a creative director, agency owner and general ideas guru, Richard’s left-field approach to life produces original ideas that are either pure genius or completely inappropriate – sometimes both. Either way they certainly stimulate discussion on how best to approach a marketing brief.

A genuine love of advertising and graphic design provides a welcome focus on the visual elements of a campaign: although Richard remains heavily outnumbered by those of us who prefer words.

  • Pet hate

    Battery life on an iPhone

  • Passionate about

    Fauré and fish (music and food to the rest of us)

  • Favourite PR campaign

    Jersey Royals

  • Most annoying habit

    Excessive giggling about things that aren’t remotely funny