Sometimes sales people are useful really!

I make sales calls all the time, checking on whether potential clients would like to use our particular service and whether now is a good time to hear more about what we offer as a company.

People are generally ok with that: I'm not selling PPI or double glazing, although those things have a valid audience too. The people I am trying to reach often use a PR agency already and may be looking to change or review how they run PR within their business.

My best successes come when the person I call is unhappy with their current services and I happen to call at the right time...but what if no one took any calls , how would business work?

Bring up the subject of sales calls with a group of sales people and you are assured of a lively conversation as they lament about the challenges associated with this task. There is no question that it is difficult to connect with the right person in a company. 

However, here are my five top tips to help make sure your call is a success:



3.Be succinct 

4.Confidence is key 


And if you are receiving a sales call just think before you decide to be 'away from your desk' or say 'I'm out of the office' take the call, you may just hear something useful. If you don't want the service offered, be honest and say 'I'm not interested so please take me of your list of contacts' - it saves everyone a lot of time and effort.
I'll speak to you soon! 

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