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How to make social media work for you

Whether you have a mega mansion in the surrey hills or a mix-use development on the coast in Dorset - here are five things you need to know about social media and how it can act as a cost-effective way to increase awareness of your property developments and shift units!

1. Defining your customer: Often a property development is designed with a specific occupier in mind, responding to an increase in demand from a particular sector. But these specific audiences can be difficult to reach via traditional media relations. So how do you get your messages to reach them via their preferred medium in a cost-effective way.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn can be invaluable in identifying these types of niche groups and can be used to gain valuable insights into their behavioural patterns. In using social media as a demographic research tool prior to engagement, you are able to develop an understanding of their needs and requirements before going on to advise and ultimately influence their decision-making processes, when the time comes for moving house.

2. Community: When searching for a new home, the potential customer is also looking for added value. Using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote communal events and activities, which all customers can take part in, helps potential buyers to imagine how they can fit in to the community.

3. Personality: The way that people consume information has evolved to the point where social media platforms are used as news-gathering tools in all walks of life. But how do you keep your messages relevant and interesting without putting people off by being too ‘salesy’? Make your posts varied and talk about things other than how much space you have available.
By offering an opinion when posting and engaging in conversations with your followers, you will also demonstrate that you are not just using social media platforms to sell space. Instead, you will become a valued member of the social community with your own views, personality, and most importantly, friends, who will hopefully go on to recommend you should the opportunity arise.

4. Visibility: Social media platforms are also a great way to get added value for your other marketing activities. Any marketing content that is created for the development, whether it is the brochure, a video, or the latest batch of photography, can be pushed out through social media channels, creating more opportunities to engage with your target audiences. Including rich media content also helps to push your website up the Google rankings, giving you the potential to appear in search results for relevant terms and making you more visible to potential customers when they search for a new home.

5. Results: Above all, social media provides tangible, quantifiable results which can be used to provide clear and transparent results for the user.  And because social media is so fast-moving, if a campaign is not producing the right results or the right levels of engagement - the strategy can be amended quickly to ensure you are seeing results that lead to increased enquiry levels.