Using Facebook to target SME builders

cross section of building

Smaller building contractors are a challenging audience for the marketer and an important customer group for aircrete client H+H. Usually on the road or on site they are difficult to reach regularly through traditional channels, but our research suggested that Facebook could provide the targeted channel we were looking for.

Over the last year we have supported the Facebook page with boosted posts and a limited advertising campaign - with the result that we now have over 3,000 likes for the company page.

This number is important when it comes to running specific promotions through the page. One such opportunity presented itself when H+H created an animated video demonstrating step-by-step how its thin joint building process works.We embedded the video in the H+H company page, supported it with a limited advertising budget and sat back to watch the results.

It's a subject of immediate relevance to our audience but the number of shares took us by surprise. Within a month of posting the video it had been seen by 67,000 people.

For the right campaign to a defined audience, Facebook can bring great results.

Posted by Kate Sugarman