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Vanessa MacCallum

Possibly the coolest woman alive

Vanessa is the most important person in the office: she looks after the money - which is partly why no-one has anything but nice things to say about her.

Vanessa is in charge of everything finance-related. Our company policy is to ensure that every one of our suppliers is paid on time every time, with particular priority given to sole traders and small companies. We like to think that our customers feel the same way about us.

As well as the money, Vanessa makes sure the office runs smoothly – and was entirely responsible for our current location – as well as all things HR related, purchasing and record-keeping.

Demonstrating an unexpected passion for correct grammar she has also taken on the role of eagle-eyed proof reader, ensuring that our in-house quality controls on copywriting are fulfilled.

  • Pet hate


  • Passionate about

    Arts and crafts, wildlife

  • Most annoying habit

    Admin pedantry