storytelling workshop

From Homer and the Iliad to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, good stories stay with you forever (and the best ones go on to be an 8-part film franchise!).

Have you ever considered your brand’s story? The impact it has, the tone it is told in and more importantly… are the right people hearing it?

To help you make sure you are telling an epic and not a pop-up, Ridgemount PR is offering you the opportunity to attend one of our exclusive Storytelling Workshops.


What to expect from the workshop

We will:

  • Examine your target audience and help you to understand them better

  • Identify your most compelling value proposition

  • Identify key messages

  • Identify messages that will differentiate you and your product/company

  • Establish a tone of voice and way of communicating to suit your audience/s

Sign up here and book your place at our workshop today. Dial in via video conference or come and visit us at our office.

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During the workshop we will ask you a number of questions, which fit into three key elements that make up your story. Help us prepare by answering the following:
Be as specific as possible
Why would someone choose you over a competitor?

One company per workshop. We recommend 3-4 people each from different parts of the business i.e. sales, marketing, HR, board level.